Member Show Featuring Jerry Bachman

December 28 – December 31, 2023

About the Artist

When people ask Jerry how he would classify the unique style of his paintings, he just says that they are his, and then leaves it to others to give his painting style a classification. 

“I make my paintings, drawings, and prints as personal as I can,” he says. Ideas come to him from listening, observation, folklore, and stories from the area where he lives. For years, he had a studio in Clute, where he lived with his wife Carol, also an artist. Health matters have forced the closure of the studio, and his unique artwork has been transferred to the GAL gallery.

Jerry, a native Minnesotan, signed up for his first official art class in 1966. He entered the U.S. Army in 1967, completed a tour in Viet Nam, and was discharged in 1970. He continued his art education and graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University. While in school, he entered shows and exhibitions nationally and internationally and was chosen for the Honors Graduation Exhibit of his paintings and drawing by the art faculty of the college.

Besides his frequent showings and multiple Best of Show in juried competitions at the galleries of the Galveston Art League, the Brazosport Art League, and other venues in Texas, Jerry’s art has been exhibited or purchased for permanent collections in Minnesota, Canada, Utah, Iowa, Florida, and New York. In 2004, his painting, “Far East of the Brazos,” was purchased by Rosenberg Library for their permanent collection. 

A careful search of Bachman’s complex paintings is said to reveal a black cat somewhere in the composition.

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