Member Show Featuring Morten Lamoey

December 31 – January 30, 2022

About the Artist

Morten got his first camera in his early teens. It was a Kodak Instamatic, which most people born in the 60’s or older are familiar with. He thought that with enough light any camera can take good pictures. The rest is up to the person behind the camera.

It was only when he received his first proper salary in the Royal Norwegian Air Force, in his early twenties, that he bought his first SLR camera, a Canon AE1, with a few lenses. To better understand photography Morten took a correspondence course in photography, since the Internet and YouTube had yet to be invented. Pictures during this time was more the typical party and social gatherings, but some experimentation still took place. The cost of taking pictures on film or slide easily became expensive, so planning became important to reduce the amount of film used. One of his pictures from that period is hanging on the wall today, the “Midnight Suns”, a triple exposure taken on slide film in his hometown in northern Norway in 1984, using a Canon A1.

Morten ended his time in the Norwegian Air Force in 1985 and joined the oil field services industry. The first digital camera was acquired in 2000. The cost of taking lots of pictures suddenly vanished, but the equipment really was just a modern version of the old Kodak Instamatic, but still the same philosophy remained, ensure one had enough light. A picture from this camera can also be found in the exhibition, “St. Martin-In-The-Fields” image taken from the fountain at Trafalgar Square in London.

Before a trip to Peru and Machu Pichu in 2008, the first DSLR camera was purchased. This time a Nikon was selected and have remained the brand ever since. After moving to Galveston in 2016 pictures of nature and especially birds took over, and several pictures can be seen on the wall today. Morten’s camera equipment has improved, and so has his skills and knowledge of nature photography, but there still are a lot to learn.

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