Member Show Featuring Ariane Edmundson

September 28 – October 29, 2023

About the Artist

Since the age of 6, I’ve known I’m an artist. My family lived all over the world and my mother, who appreciated the fine arts would often take us kids to wonderful, famous museums, throughout my childhood.

Surprisingly, the paintings and sculptures in the museums spoke to me immediately in an intimate language. I was able to interpret their stories instantly. I loved to be within these museum walls, surrounded by art and beauty, and “read” their stories. This was my language.

Today, I’m enthralled by this visual language. My art has transitioned from Realism to Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism in order to better speak in all its variations.

There is a “joy” and “beauty” in this world which I try to capture and express in my paintings. I focus on achieving an ever clearer voice and visual language and strive to produce paintings that enrich people’s lives.

Portraiture, something I say “has found me”, allows me to make visible a person’s essence, or spark, or love….that uniquely typical thing in every person. It is after all, this uniqueness that defines each of us and what, ultimately, we leave behind.

Having owned 7 horses in Ethiopia growing up, I have a compelling desire to Help Our Wild Horses in America. I attempt to help save them from the slaughterhouse and from the cruel methods used to capture them into holding pens, and sterilization, leaving many maimed and injured. In this “Wild Horses Series” I focus on communicating how the horse is an American icon and needs our attention. The horse has been here with us since the beginning of time and has become man’s indispensable friend and companion. We’ve relied on these magnificent creatures all throughout man’s history. By experimenting with rough texture and vibrant paint colors, I attempt to express their struggles and their beauty. I try to convey the threat to their lives and their fragility and how they console one another. Their elegant bodies trapped in a hostile surrounding. Their body language and behavior convey deep emotion which parallel our human emotions.

Recently, in Germany,  I’ve been focusing on painting flowers. A series called ‘Flowers that say it All’. In this series, I try to express, once again, the beauty and joy surrounding us all. Since being back in Texas, I’ve been focusing on mixed media pieces including a lot of Collage and Ink to watercolor paintings. I find the older I get, the more divers my work becomes. There are so many new ways to play with and experiment with.

Thank you for your time and your attention. My web pages are, and my old one:, I am on Instagram and Facebook. Please come visit me and email me at

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